Bae 146 FMS/ Simbrief does not load in correctly

I don’t care if the world map differs from the aircraft plan as long as world map knows I’m IFR & going to the right place, ATC might well change your approach regardless ( which is fine, the weather changes ) and they’ll assign your runway at clearance and if they’re meant to give you a SID, I’ve never had one. En route, I’ve never had any difference matter.

I’m pretty sure you can load in VFR & get IFR clearance anyway, but I’m not sure what the limitations on that are.

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Based on my experience with MSFS ATC, one thing is for sure; do not solely count on them for your descent. Otherwise you will find yourself looking down at the runway from 9000ft in the air quite often. Take notes about when to begin your descent from your flight plan. The rest of the communication goes well enough usually.

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There’s a third one you really should add in parallel:

simbrief flightplan->LittleNavMap …for realtime analysis and complete situational awareness of your ongoing flight.

With LNM you can see so many cool things in real-time about your flight-path, traffic, terrain, any VORs around you, their frequencies, your relative track path angle to them, airways, runways, ILS beams, their frequencies (just by clicking on them); your vertical clearance from the terrain beneath you, your top-of-decent points etc. etc.

Im using navigraph and its in-game toolbar panel for most of that. I’ve use LNM before but find it a bit complex menus/ options wise. No charts, and does it show you sids, stars and approaches? As an external moving map it seemed great though.

Yes, the SIDs & STARs & approaches absolutely – and the go-arounds as well !

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Yes, just rightclick an airport & you get “show Procedures for”. It’ll overlay hte map & give you a table rather than a chart. The best part of LNM is being able to draw on it, though. If I’m just doing an airline route I don’t usually bother with anything other than the basic “you are here” map in the EFB, but for more complicated VOR work with say, intersecting radials, it’s invaluable.


Yes, but if you go into the table you mention, and click on any SID, STAR, approach in that list, you’ll immediately see a preview of the actual flight path for that procedure. So you basically get your ‘chart’ that way :slight_smile:
You can also overlay the Victor and/or J-route airways. So they throw-in a realtime SkyVector for you as well! For free.

Well you get an easy view of the LNAV side, you just have to read the table for the vertical side :slight_smile: I haven’t looked to see if there’s anything to either give you a visual descent guide or even integrate navigraph charts, it should be possible to do.

Check out AirMate, it will give you chart overlays for flight plans… free

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hello everyone, I have the pilot ID in the EFB and it shows my flight plan in simbrief and the tablet, the problem is that it does not load it in the FMS, and in the “Simbrief pilot id” section of the fms nothing appears although click on the button does nothing, that is, I have no option to place my id, thank you very much for your help