Bandwidth too low - Azure server

What’s going on with the Azure server, I have 185 mbps yet can’t fly because my bandwidth is too low and if I try to turn on bing or photogrammetry it ctd.
No mods no market place at all 10980 xe, twin 2080 ti, using starlink. But msfs Azure what ever won’t let us play. Msfs has been bar none the worst gaming experience I have ever had.

Once again, Microsoft servers are screwed up. The requirement of online license verification on every use of the sim, coupled with the unreliability of the online servers, is the main reason I absolutely refuse to invest any serious money into MSFS2020.

My version of MSFS2020 currently won’t even boot to the main menu because of the current server lag.

The problem is obviously only going to get worse as time goes on and Microsoft adds more users to the already overburdened online-use-only platform. Google or Cloudfare could pull this off, but Microsoft? You’re just asking for trouble if you expect any of this to work out.


Same here east coast USA. Every w/end same stuff.


I don’t know if it’s related, but I’m on a 1GB fiber connection and just crashed on my approach to LAX as it felt like the sim just came to it’s knees. First Azure ATC went offline…then the sim turned into a 1–5 FPS slideshow on approach. Needless to say, I buried it into the runway as the sim wasn’t updating fast enough…


Cloud capacity should be easily expandable at their end to cope. It just costs them (a lot of) money. For which they need more existing and more new users, and them to be buying stuff from the marketplace. Bit of a catch-22!!

To be fair the price of the base game or the deluxe game, to come with all these free visual and feature upgrades, for TEN years, is borderline business suicide. They must be making close to or planning to accept a pretty big loss overall in the coming years. It’s a big commitment and we generally don’t realise how good we have it to be able to play this for the low cost they are asking.

Having said that of course it needs to actually WORK, which is definitely hit and miss and pretty confusing to know where the issue lays. I’ve probably spent about as much time fiddling and troubleshooting as I have actually flying and enjoying. I really hope the next sim update works out to settle this thing down finally!!


Totally agree with you but I hope MS continues with the sim. I too am on east coast usa server and lose Azure ATC but never any other issues.

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I have tried East coast and West coast servers. It doesn’t make a difference. I have AT&T 1GB fiber for internet. 9 out of 10 flights I lose Azure ATC voices. It’s getting extremely old at this point. I have also stopped paying any more money for hardware or marketplace purchases until things change. I am also at the point where I am looking forward to X-Plane 12.

You think that the XPlane ATC is better? You should lower your standards, otherwise you will also be very disappointed with XPlane.

I don’t know. Is X-Plane 12 out yet? I have no idea how good their ATC will be. But it has to be better than what we have in MSFS. Do you have an inside view to X-Plane 12?

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I’m on my 9th , yes NINTH. Reinstall in a week, the ■■■■■■■ game will not install with graphics, no photogrammetry, no bing , and no graphics off line.
■■■ is going on F####+* sakes this game sucks. I’m on starlink at 184mbps.

No luck, going to try again, 10th try,
Everything else on my pc works super fast and stutter free, all games maxed out with no problems, msfs won’t work. I’ve totally deleted everything to do with msfs yet it will not download and give me graphics. The ground is green with a grey smudge where the runway is supposed to be, no trees, no buildings etc. Everything is up to date and cleaned and totally vanilla, even on safe mode I get no graphics. No bing, no photogrammetry, my plane shows up perfect but that’s all

I’m pretty sure I solved my problem,
Open notepad-run as administrator/file/open/windows:C/windows/ system32/drivers/etc/……hosts/ open hosts and delete the two lines at the very bottom. (Important-when you click etc, if you get a blank page-go to the bottom right and select “all files”) click on hosts.

These lines are from google maps, once I deleted them my bing started working and photogrammetry, and up to now no low bandwidth warnings.
Every single time I tried it said my bandwidth was too low, but my speeds are three times the recommended 50 mbps, I found the info by searching for solutions.

  People getting low bandwidth should try this.

Delete this

That right there will fix your low bandwidth messages.

I solved my low bandwidth problem it was remnant files from google maps that I tried, I deleted them but the files in the host file remain and cause problems.
I posted the fix,

Im glad you solved the issue.
Never give up.

A reminder about using streaming maps that are not default to MSFS: