Bandwith issues

Hi folks. I am having problems since the latest update of MS2020. I have a pretty good internet connection averaging about 3MB a second. However when starting a random flight. I keep getting the message 'low bandwidth streaming data switched off, I never had this issue before the update. Is anyone having the same issue as me. I am connected to the server North Europe or West Europe and had no problems before. This is very frustrating. Thanks


The patch due for release on 20th September,states improvements to servers.
I have had a drop out of network connection on 65 mps. on daily basis.In the UK using Western or Northern Europe.The ping should be under 30 but is sometimes much higher.My broadband provider jumps around a couple of times a day.
Had a couple of ctds whilst in flight.
I’ve seriously considering Lan cable connection to see if that helps.Though I will wait to see what happens on 20th first.Room small and fairly cluttered already.
I’m sure the more technical types may have a solution.For me a UK server would solve this.
Regards RPB1966

Thank you. I had no issues before the update and yes I have considered going from WiFi to LAN, but tbh if I am doing over 3.5 meg a seconds then everything should be ok and also there should not be a message that my download speed is too low when its not. Hopefully it will get fixed shortly via the update. I am considering doing a manual cache for a while until the issue is sorted.

3.5 megabit or megabyte?

Tbh anything under 100 mbit is kind of “slow”, and depending on how your provider routes stuff i can imagine a 3.5 mbytes per second can detect as “slow”. If you are running ADSL with a 30/10 mbit or something you have a slow upload which actually can cause download to be lag (because TCP acks and… technical stuff).

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3.5 MB a second not megabit, this has only happened since the update. There was no issues before.

Thats still “just” around 30 mbit, so you don’t have a lot of slack. Recommended speed is 20MBps and ideal is 50Mbps. However, do send them a bug report to zendesk, cant hurt.

While I somewhat agree, I’ve yet to see MSFS actually eat up any significant amount of bandwidth, couple of Mbit max so far, with a few higher spikes, so 30 should be fine, as long as it’s stable.

I would always suggest testing (at least temporarily) with a LAN cable instead of wifi.

I get this message now and then if my family members decide to watch netflix… nothing to worry about. The sim tries to pull over dense areas often more then 50mbit… :blue_heart: