Baro, altitude missmatch

After latest update to flight sim I noticed atc is calling out an altitude error when baro is set to 2992 and altitude is above 18000ft? So at altitude atc is asking for expedite to flight level when we are there?

Also noticed thrust problem and aircraft over speed issues. Can’t hold speed?

Problem after update

Looks like speed fluctuations are when auto throttle is engaged

Citation longitude

No, this is a problem with the live weather (it started happening even before SU5). The ATC doesn’t seem to be following the standard 29.92 inHg or 1013 hPa altimeter past the transition altitude, they’re still reading the surface barometric pressure at each ‘weather blocks’ as you fly through.

The thrust problem is also caused by the Live Weather issue. Where the temperature can become insanely high on climb and cruise through some of these weather blocks. The temperature affects the air density choking your engines and your wings making your aircraft having trouble climbing and keeping altitude.

As of this moment, use the Custom Weather Presets with a standard barometric pressure and temperature that the ATC will use the whole flight. Then you won’t have them constantly bothering you with expedite and will stabilise your aircraft.

Had the same problem with standard A320 Neo from MSFS 2020. In previous version it was working correctly.

Hello everyone,
We are closing this issue, as there are already two linked threads in. the #bugs-and-issues category listing this problem:
Wrong temperatures
ATC telling me I am at the incorrect altitude

A hotfix is on it’s way for this bug. It should drop either Friday or Monday: Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix