Barometer at 29.92 everywhere but no "Expedite your climb...". I'll take it

Would like both to work properly but I have to say that it’s been so pleasant to not hear “Please expedite your climb…” to the altitude I’m already at. I guess altitude is easier for the sim to figure out if the whole world is at 29.92 barometric pressure.

Looking forward to Sept 7 update tomorrow!!

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its one of 1000 thinks broken, tomorrow its like 2000 :=)

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It will be uncountable :thinking::rofl:

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A broken clock is correct twice a day…


Believe 29.92 is standard setting in most sims, There is a reason, I just cannot find it now. I just always try to remember to set it at 29.92 when starting game. Search other postings for the reason.

This is the standard pressure all pilots set their altimeter to above a certain altitude so their altimeters all read the same. The altitude varies by country - the USA and Canada use 18,000’ MSL.

That is it, although ATC always quotes 29.92 when starting flight. Here at our house, baro reads around 30.00 all the time, unless front comes through. We are at 2120’ above sea level. Yes, on all altimeters being same, no mid airs that way. I remember when two jets mid-aired over NYC back in late 50’s I think, one survivor, a little kid, sad he did not make it. Real mess, I was a kid too, so vaguely remember this accident. Believe ATC to blame on that one, again vaguely remember it.

Yes but prior to today, ATC called out BP… 30.32 or 31.44 or whatever it was relative to the altitude, weather, whatever other factors. Sometimes itwas 29.92. But it varied with conditions like it should.

Today no matter the altitude, weather, whatever… ATC always used 29.92.

Im just happy that ATC finally knew my altitude and didn’t bug me with “Please expedite your climb”

Are you using a Preset instead of Live Weather? Unless you adjust it, a Preset will always go to the standard or “normal” 29.92. Since normal is rare, 29.92 can happen but not often. With a Preset and its setting of 29.92 you will not get call-outs from ATC. However, if you are using Live Weather, and its actual BP readings (29.92 or otherwise) ATC will erroneously believe you are lower than you are and request the climb - this is an error in the current Live Weather barometric pressure since the SU5 update.

I believe the upcoming update is a World Update (not a sim update) so we may be stuck with this issue a little while longer (though I hope they include a fix for this issue).

I’ve flown 2 flights today with Real Weather and none of the locations had a BP of 29.92 (and the ATC “expedite” calls continued). Also when I reached Flight Level (18,000) and changed to 29.92 the errors even get worse (the higher you go the more the disparity). Though frustrating, I simply “detune” the radio and everything is quiet for the flight. When I get about 10 NM from my TOD I reestablish IFR and begin my descent - this gets rid of most of the errant ATC altitude calls. I will certainly be a lot happier once this is fixed.

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