Baron fuel tank problems... again

I have been reading topics published last year on this subject and it seems that it already existed in its day but, a few days ago I tried to fly the baron (I never usually fly it) and I found this problem, it was impossible to move the fuel valves. Today I started to see if I could fly it and I have the same problem.
I have looked in the forum as I said before but I have not found any solution other than uninstalling the plane from the content manager and reinstalling it, which I have already done and we are still the same.

Any clear solutions on the topic that have already been posted and I missed it?

Thanks in advance.

This things doesnt move at all:

I’m flying the Baron as we speak. I’ve never had issues with operating the fuel selector valves. Other than forgetting to turn them on and having the engines stall. Hovering over the valve with the mouse pointer will bring up a CW or CCW motion indicator and the valve follows the mouse direction when I click on it. Not sure why it’s not working for you.

Possibly a difference between the original cockpit interaction method and the new “Lock” method?

Just a thought.

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“Lock” method??

Works for me with ‘legacy’ UI setting.

Didn’t realize Legacy was even involved. Any and all aircraft I fly are in Modern…

Sorry guys! I should’ve been clearer. I apologize for the confusion.

I’m referring to the “Cockpit Interaction System” option. Under General Options/Accessibility/User Interface menu. I’ll attach a screenshot.

Legacy and Modern are Flight Model settings. Again, sorry I wasn’t clearer in my post!

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You don’t have an old mod for the Baron in your community folder do you? If so, disable/remove it and see if that fixes it.

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