Baron G58 Alt knob

I have yet to find the alt selection knob in the Baron G58 panel. Could someone please tell me where it is?

I can’t find it either and have reported it to Zendesk


I hope they sort it out. Meanwhile, maybe its possible to designate keyboard commands to adjust altitude up and down. I will check it out.

It is a bug and has been reported. What I’m doing for now is just setting a VS until I reach the altitude I want then I hit alt hold. Just means you have to watch your altitude a bit more.

they already exist, left ctl pgup and pgdn

This entire plane is a mess. Just did a flight with FSEconomy and I noticed near the end of my flight I only used like 4 gallons, even though I flew enough to burn like 20 gallons. I think the entire plane is bugged.