Baron G58 altimeter dial missing

I know the Glass cockpits are not 100%, but this is essential and available in other planes too. :slight_smile:

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I too noticed that there is no altimeter knob in the Baron G58. There’s no way to set your altitude.

In the B58 there is the altimeter on the G1000 which can be adjusted with the “Baro” button and on the emergency altimeter there is a button to adjust the altimetry.
or the B key on the keyboard

I will try… but still, I think this is a bug, because if you compare the real cockpit to the Sim, you see the left lower dial on left Garmin is missing.

And I think the reference altitude +/- binding is not working correctly. Sometimes you go 100 feet per tick, sometimes 1000. And in the Cessna 172 Gauge version it did not recognize the change at all, as far as I noticed.

its a bug, the alt button is not in MSFS if you search for real pictures from the G58 you can see the alt button (i have reported in Zendesk)

Hi @Lemny73, definitely a bug. For now you can work around it by using the key or button bound to Increase / Decrease Autopilot Reference Altitude. The default is CTRL + PAGE UP/DN.

But please submit an official ZenDesk report for all bugs like this. The forums are mostly for users. A link to ZenDesk is at the top menu bar, or located here.


I already did along the post. :slight_smile:

Its a bug; the altimeter dial is on the Bonanza.