Basic problem with SDK airport creation


My problem is certainly a basic one but I need help to create a very simple airport. I read and saw a lot of tutorials (official, …) and mainly the “Tutorial on how to create a new airport in MSFS, v0.3”. There is no apparent problem as features “build all” and “export all” detect no error. The zip package is stored in Community/Community" folder. After unzipping I copy the resulting folder in the the primary Community folder (it is what I did with some samples projects of the SDK and it was working fine). Structure looks like OK (ContentInfo, scenery, layout.json, manifest.json) but the result is not the expected one (just a small airport with only a runway in a large field).

I noticed that some components of the project folder have been placed outside this folder and that the packageSources folder is missing. Many times I tried to follow every step and each time it was NOK without any mention of error. But there is at least one error.

Perhaps the problem might be that I use the SDK 0.9 and the pdf tutorial I am using was written in september. Anyway I think rather that the problem is coming from my misunderstanding of some steps.

Thank you for ideas.
Best regards

PS 1
I have understood why some folders are outside a given project as these folders are given information relative to all projects inside MyMSProjects folder. What was confusing is the project structure displayed in SDK documentation for each sample. Now I would like to understand with a very similar project of the EDTH_tutorial is not working (no custom star in the map) as it is OK for the one in the tutorial.

PS 2
I tried again and finally it is OK even if I have not completely understood what was going wrong in my previous attempts.