Basic Training SU5 - So many have disappeared

When I first updated to SU5 I quickly checked the new Training section as I knew it had been updated and expanded. Being new to flight sims I was looking forward to improving the skills I’ve picked up and learning more within an improved training section.

Unfortunately when I went into that section later to actually undertake some training the only option I have is for the airliner training section (it’s a bit above my ability level just now.) With all of the expanded sections for the GA flight tutorials and C152 type stuff no longer appearing.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this, is aware it’s a bug or knows that I’m doing something dumb and can point out what that dumb things is for me.


Remove the modded C152 before you start tge sim and ta da…

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Oh you absolute superstar, thank you!

….so, it was something dumb :rofl:

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