Be able to choose aircraft for Bush Trips

It would be great to be able to choose the aircraft to use on a Bush Trip. Within reason of course!

Have a list of aircraft to choose from that would suit the Bush Trip so we can pick the one we want to fly.

I was able to change some of the third party ones haven’t tried with the stock ones. Go to the official folder. You will see adobo-bushtrip-(name) ex… balkans. Then go missions, asobo, bushtrips, balkans. In there is a file named balkans.flt. If you scroll down a bit under [sim.0] it will say sim=skyhawk g1000 asobo. Just change the name and reload the sim. I was using the I like the Kittox for the sight seeing trips. As always I’d make a backup of the original file. Hope this helps.

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Nice! That worked a treat. Thanks mate!

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no problem. glad I could help

Yup! This is spot on. I wanted to keep this ability intact for the Idaho in-game bush trips that I built, but it would be super nice if I could find a way to create a selector to change planes before flying

That would be nice. I know you can change the plane in the file without having to reboot the sim just have to go out of bush trips and then back in.

Really? I swear I have tried that and it didn’t work for me. Because when I have to apply my fix that brings the weather button back (also in the .flt file) I have to have the Sim shut down in order to make it work. Such a pain

When I was messing with this to see if it worked I remember just going to the main menu then back in. I could be mistaken it’s been a bit since I’ve done it.

Yeah I’ll try it out and let you know. I know the weather resets anytime I exit out of my bush trip and I have to bring the option back each time the sim reloads because it updates the weather back to uneditable in the save file, but ironically, it retains the plane change even after shutting down the sim🤷🏻‍♂️

weird. One other thing I liked was the line under the plane if you change simfile to apron.flt you can start cold and dark which I prefer. Haven’t tried out the weather yet but will give it a try.

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Just a thought maybe modifying the weather file so it won’t matter in the .flt file

Ahhhhh that’s awesome! I was wondering how to get the cold start. A couple people who have been flying my trips requested that but didn’t know where it was.

I’ll dig out the weather instructions I wrote in my Read Me file and send it to you I have only added weather on the bush trips I created, not the ones Asobo built but I’m assuming it should work

cool send your bush trips too if you don’t mind love flying these there just aren’t enough

Thanks Paul and Mike for those infos.

I was looking to change weather, but even more importantly for me, the date/time for different legs in the for the bush trips to have some nice different atmospherical conditions. From what i understand, this might be possible with some little tweaks in the original files ? Could you please, maybe, share the needed changes ?

Thank you.

I’m not sure. If you look in the first file I mention to change the planes if you scroll way down there is a setting for time and date. I believe this will be for the whole trip not sure on setting different for each leg.

thank you, i will investigate, i love those bushtrips but fixed wather/date/time for all the trip is a bit frustrating i think.

Ive been having the reverse. Flying the patagonia trip with a friend on same server etc and chatting with him via discord but getting different weather. He clouds and me clear skies. I thought the set bush trips were set weather so dont understand this

Now I know how to select my favourite aircraft for a bush trip. But it would be easier if I had a complete name list of all airplanes in MSFS. I’d like to use the Cessna 172 Classic but there is no aircraft.cfg.

How can I find out the name to be used in the .flt file? Does anybody have a name list including the deluxe edition airplanes?

This would be a nice option? I guess it would change the timings for each leg though