Be positive - flapless landing challenge

In real lfve airplanes break from time to time. While you are up in the air, you can’t apply any “hotfix”, you must use your experience, konwledge and skill to survive. Even when you land, sometimes your mechanic just refuses to fix your plane as his agenda is fully booked for a month or more.

If the planes break, a really realistic sim should also break from time to time. And we sim pilots should be ready to survive.

As the result of the World Update 3 (UK) the flight model for flaps is broken. For de luxe airplanes (like C172 classic) it can’t be fixed, due to flight model files encryption, protecting the planes structure/systems against rogue pilots.

Flapless landing is a vital part of real world pilots training. We will have broken flaps untill Sim Update 3 will be released (March assuming no delays). Let’s focus on the bright side and use this as opportunity to practice the flapless landings. This is valuable skill, which may save your live.

There are planes in real life without the flaps altogether! What about practicing forward slips? So many opportunities with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

If you accept the challenge, please post your experience in this thread.

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I fully agree with you. Being MFS2020 user is a madness inducing experience.

Picture from Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook - highly recommended.


Who asked you for yours?

To the OP. Yes, while it was bad that it made it in the build, it is a trivial issue. There is no need to edit anything. Flawless landings or takeoffs are just fine. But even then, most aircraft have more flap than 1 flap setting so do half the flaps of normal. It perfect, but it works fine in most aircraft.

So much anger over something so trivial.

Dear God bro — relax. I get that it’s frustrating when Asobo breaks things but no need to blast the guy above.


Because the instructions on the hotfix are very poor and not easily followed by an intelligent but not coding proficient.

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