Bearing pointer for garming G5 in cessna 310

i cant find how to rotate the VOR needle in the garmin G5 for the cessna 310

The knob should allow you to choose your desired bearing for the VOR. It has been a while since I flown on the real one with the G5, but from what I can remember you have to press the knob to have the menu popup and from there you select “Course”. Once you have done that the knob should allow you to rotate it unless it is not properly modeled in the aircraft you’re in.

190-01112-12_A.pdf (
Page 31 has the information regarding course selection

there’s no “course” option, all i can do is change the autopilot heading, change to PFD and close the menu, but theres no “Course” option, btw this is the Cessna 310 from Milviz

If you have a separate Course / OBS1 knob configured (such as on the HC Bravo for example) then that will work.

Ah okay, I thought maybe they might of made it close to the real deal. That is why I provided the actual G5 Manual there. I’m not sure how they done it.

That’s a default instrument and they are never like the real thing. Considering all the hype around this aircraft you would of thought they would of ditched the default and included a much more realistic version. Still if you use Air Manager there is a very nice G5 with said menu and course.

We can remove the G5’s entirely if you prefer… if that makes you feel like we’re doing right by you? Perhaps we should also remove the GTN units? They’re not totally realistic either?

Oh Milviz obviously doesn’t like customers giving feedback I see.

It was your choice to include it Milviz so you alone are responsible for it. To compare the default G5 with the 750 offerings is not even in the same ballpark. No one said it has to be 100% the same because I think most of us understand that with sim limitations that’s not possible a lot of the time.

Then you would lose the bet. I own the 310 and I love it but if you are going to get touchy about a customer commenting about what they don’t like about it then I’ll certainly think twice about buying any more Milviz products.

EDIT: To give this some context now that the previous post was deleted I was replying to a remark that bet I wasn’t even a customer.

No, I don’t like it when people, customers or not, diss us because we ADDED value by using a default gauge for those who like that sort of thing. Options are a good thing

At 40$, you’re getting a whole lot more than what anyone else is offering. And it’s not beta or going to go up in price.

So yah… if you don’t like that I get upset when people say what you’re saying…. Then don’t buy our stuff.

If you point out a valid bug or concern, we’re happy to look at and try to fix it. But not this.

If you are indeed a customer, contact us and we will refund you immediately. No questions asked.

The Air Manager G5 is indeed a wonderful thing, for those of us who use Air Manager :slight_smile:

First off I’m not dissing Milviz as you put it. I happen to like the aircraft especially the way it flys. I can’t pretend to like everything and as a customer I think I’m entitled to say what I don’t like. TBH I don’t expect such a reaction from a dev. It would of been better to of initially explained the thought process behind why it was included and why something better was not included, like you did a bit later.

Not liking something and saying “Considering all the hype around this aircraft you would of thought they would of ditched the default and included a much more realistic version.” are two very different things.

Out of curiousity, which Asobo aircraft uses the G5? I didn’t even realize it existed in the sim until I tried it with the C310R.

Was it hyped. Yes. Does it have flaws. Yes. So a perfectly valid statement that you didn’t like. We can’t run around saying how wonderful Milviz are at every opportunity that is your job. I’m here to be objective and to give my perspective. There is no need to be so defensive over such a mild statement. Further comment serves no purpose. Out.

No idea. Not any that I fly that’s for sure. Just guessing but perhaps one of the light sport types.

I’m pretty sure we never “hyped” the G5, nor did we claim that it was custom coded or even ours. I’m pretty sure it’s made clear in the manual that it’s not ours.

So basically, what you’re saying is… we added something that people like but, because it’s default, we shouldn’t have? If that’s the case, again, I’m really not sure why you’d complain about it. It’s an option that you, as a person who seems to insist on things being “just so” don’t have to enable.

What about the GPS\GTN units that we included? Some of those are default…. Should we not have included those?

Come on mate… if you’re going to complain about something, find something worthwhile….

so far the only way i’ve found to rotate it is by changing to the steam gauges, rotating it there and then changing it back to the G5

Try mapping some buttons or keys to increase / decrease OBS1.