Bearing pointer for garming G5 in cessna 310

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this actually worked, my guy, thank you! afawdaw
but there’s still a problem, in this plane you can connect to 2 vors at a time but you only have 1 instrument so you use a switch to alternate btween VOR1 and VOR2, again works fine with the steam gauge but with the G5 i can only use the VOR1, even if i change to VOR2 with the steam gauge and then change back to G5 the G5 still has the VOR1 active

I don’t find the second VOR radio that useful without a second VOR instrument to go with it. I guess it is really there for redundancy in case of failure. It would be nice if the VOR1/VOR2 switch worked with the G5 though.

actually, i just saw a video of someone flying a real cessna 310 and they actually had 2 VORs

I wonder which instrument they removed to put in the VOR. Maybe the ADF?

It depends on where in the world you fly, but ADF is still quite useful in many places.

from the video a saw the second VOR was below the current ADF in the aircraft on the game, but the cessna 310 i saw on the video did not have an ADF, btw this is the video if you want to check it out: Cessna 310 Flight Review - YouTube

Also that 310 panel has a second attitude indicator in place of the turn & bank, and they save a spot by having one EDM-type instrument for both engines.