Beautiful sights on WT flights

Just wanted to share some nice screenshots with the community. Here you go:

VOMM approach:

WBKK take-off at sunrise:

WBKK over the dusty clouds at sunrise:

ENBR approach at dusk:

more to come, if I’m blessed with such views again! It’s a huge difference to the one I started with! Maybe I’ll do a “revival”, if I do find some good shots of the past! :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve been in US recently; beautiful scenery around KSLC, the airport itself is a absolute mess. So I just show you the approach in the middle of mountains and lakes; beautiful.

I also visited Mexico City on a cloudy day. Beautiful approach over a huge city surrounded by mountains. Love it!

And I also suggest you, to spent some time around Chicago (KORD), beautiful city around.


It truly is a beautiful simulator

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These are really good shots! :+1: I love the ENBR approach one especially. Thanks for sharing!


Yes…Bergen’s that beautiful IRL too!