Beechcraft bonanza - autopilot - ap blinking when disengaging

I’m not sure if it’s a bug nor if I don’t understand it.
On the beechcraft bonanza, when I disengage the autopilot, the AP indicator is blinking red.
I don’t understand why.

It happens on most planes. This is normal. It is just warning you that the autopilot is disconnected.

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It’s because you’re using the autopilot disconnect binding, which simulates pressing the red button on the yoke, which is effectively an emergency disconnect button. If you press the AP button on the MFD or use the toggle autopilot binding, it will flash yellow then turn off.

Thank you! Yes, I use red-button on my airbus-joystick (thrustmaster). I didn’t know that it is an “emergency”-button… (contrary to the a320)…

Ohh thats good to know. Thanks