Beechcraft D17S Staggerwing

About a month ago I purchased the D17S from the Microsoft Store. The download went fine but from there not so good. I got the plane in the air but couldn’t make it turn only flew straight ahead for a short time until it crashed. I have flown the D17 in the real world and it is a gentle giant. I have tried many fixes including reinstalling the craft. I read that someone has one of my issues (I can’t make turns). I waited thru two updates to see if it would get fixed but no such luck. I use a Tech Service who has been able to help with many of my questions, but in this case they referred me to Honeycomb Aeronautical but a usual they haven’t responded. If anyone has any suggestions I am willing to try almost anything at this point.

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Same here. I was disappointed and then I got a JSF …

I’ve flown the Staggerwing on a few 20-30 minute flights. No issues airborne.

I’m wondering if your AI co-pilot is turned on, which would limit your control ability.