Beechcraft D18S POH?

Typically, with Carenado you can download the POH and checklists from their site. Because this is a joint collaboration it is not listed on their website. Has anyone found or have at least a performance chart for cruise/engine settings for fuel burn and flight planning? Also, this thing climbs like a rocket and not sure how accurate that is and would love to check performance against the manual. Thanks!

POHs can be found easily online for most aircraft. I use the real ones when none are provided and they are more or less close.

I can’t find a free one for the D18S. For trainer planes like 172/152/P34 and others they are readily available. For more advanced or rarer aircraft you usually have to buy them. I use the real ones for any I can find but I can’t for the D18S. If you know of a place, please link it for me.

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