Beechcraft is missing of my simulator

Today I went to fly the G58 and it turns out that it was not there where it should be.

The other 2 from beechcraft are there but the Baron is not;

I have searched for threads about missing Barons and there is one that is closed and it was some error, apparently, of the market.

I have searched in “content manager” and it turns out that I have the g58 liveries but the g58 itself is not there. I have disabled them, as seen here;

because, if I don’t have the plane, why do I want the liveries?

Of course, having paid for the simulator and missing a plane, I don’t find it very funny.

Has something similar happened to someone?

Have you checked your downloads in the content manager? It sounds like you may not have downloaded the Premium version after the most recent update. Maybe?

first as SamuriaSax suggests make sure you have the game fully updated, both in the Marketplace And in Content Manager, the g58 is a Deluxe or better aircraft so something may just be missing

next make sure you have No 3rd party content, particularly for this aircraft but remove ALL Non-Official content (addons, mods & liveries) for testing, both in the Content Manager And in your Community folder (i know this gets to sound like a broken record but its necessary to eliminate possible conflicts)

if that doesnt fix it your stuck making a zendesk ticket i would guess


I have the Standard version (the cheap one) but I “think” that this plane, the g58, was included… maybe I’m wrong

according to this list its a medium version aircraft

i have both that and the g36 since i own the medium (Deluxe) version, afaik only the g36 comes with the basic version

Yes, but when I saw the liveries I thought it was not premium. In fact I can install them (the liveries) but the plane does not appear.

See below the aircraft list.

Note that the higher tiers include the lower version (Deluxe = Deluxe + standard, Premium Deluxe = Standard + Deluxe + Premium)

Game of the Year Edition (Standard) A320neo, Pitts Special S2S, 747-8 intercontinental, XCub, TBM 930, DA62, DA40 NG, EXTRA 330LT, Flight Design CTSL, ICON A5, VL-3, CAP 10, DR400-100 Cadet, Beechcraft Bonanza G36, Beechcraft King Air 350i, Cessna 152, Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000), Cessna Citation CJ4, Cessna 208b EX Grand Caravan, Savage Cub, F/A-18 Super Hornet, VoloCity, PC-6 Porter, NX Cub, Pitts Special S1S

Deluxe Edition (Paid DLC)
DA40-TDI, DV20, Beechcraft Baron G58, Cessna 152 Aerobat, Cessna 172 Skyhawk
Premium Edition (Paid DLC)
787-10 Dreamliner, SR22, Virus SW 121, Cessna Citation Longitude, Shock Ultra

This has completely confused me because I have the cessna 152 aerobat, the longitude and others.

I don’t have the boeing 787 but that’s from the beginning.

What also surprises me is that these liveries come out but the plane does not:

So wierd!

so either your account is borked or you own more than the basic version (aerobat is a deluxe aircraft & longitude is Premium)

maybe log out of both steam and the xbox app (if steam even uses it)
personally this is likely some issue with steam but either way there is nothing we can help with if you dont actually own the missing aircraft :stuck_out_tongue:

I am very clear that this topic is something that I am not aware or i dont understand, seeing the DH40 here

And what I comment about “the liveries” appearing there, so calm…

This has to be that he takes advantage of some offer or something.

I don’t know, let’s just let it be

the DA40 is a basic aircraft, check against the list i posted (the Diamond DV20 is deluxe)
though your missing the name on the Pelican so something is causing a conflict - you need to remove ALL mods and 3rd Party content from both Community and Content Manager, im going to guess you have some conflicts causing these anomalies

in addition to the base aircraft (the link i posted) these are free additions that everyone should have if they get all the updates installed

Yes, starting the simulator without modifications and with the community folder empty, these are the planes that come out

Let’s see if someone with a normal head can tell me what I don’t see no matter how much I have it right under my nose.

And i dont have de name of the Pelican aswell…

curious, do you have the english language pack for Windows installed?
you should deff have something there, or i should say i do,
it is possible the conflict is with some 3rd party addon from Content Manager as well did you go thru that?
you also appear to be missing the added Pilatus info, but idk maybe its just the language?

heck idk maybe there is nothing wrong but usually when names are missing and your seeing stuff you shouldnt its a conflict, like possibly an old livery with a full aircraft.cfg making the game incorrectly ‘think’ you have the aircraft or just overwriting the default entirely

i missed the pic a bit trying to get all 4 pilatus names in the scene, but the very top left is the name i show for the Halo Pelican

It seems i not have the English language installed.
I’m going to do it, I start the simulator without the community folder to see what happens of course, I’ll have to change the language in the simulator too.

no no, u just need it installed to display some things that cant be translated i believe
you can still use your language
and im by no means sure that will help anything

The truth is that it is strange that data does not appear there

I did not read you on time and I have changed the language but nothing, it is still the same without showing that data.

But it seems that I have no right to have that plane because my version is the standard… let’s leave it at that and thanks for the help.

the Pelican is a free addition everyone gets (listed in the google text i linked), i doubt you actually have any aircraft your not supposed to have, its more likely a 3rd party addon caused you to think you did but … hey if they gave you the thing, fly it lol
its not like you went and pirated it, if They (ms/Asobo) added it too your account
i fear this will come back to haunt you later but cheers mate

Thank you man…