Beechcraft Model 18 - ATC type/model designation missing or invalid

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ATC type and model are missing on atc interaction, leading to nothing being spoken but the registration on VFR flights/traffic reporting to passive traffic.

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  1. Start any VFR flight using the Beechcraft Model 18, **DON’T use a custom callsign, just add some aircraft registration)
  2. Call ATC to request flight following and notice that the “type” is missing entirely (blank space in transcript "type, " instead of “type Beechcraft 18”, )
  3. Notice that in general just the registration of the aircraft is spoken without any model information (e.g. “N123MS” instead of “Beechcraft N123MS”).

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Solution for Carenado to fix the issue:

The missing information is part of the default MSFS atc database. However it’s called differently on MSFS than on P3D or FSX.

The correct entry for atc_type is inside of ATCCOM.AC_MODEL BE18.0.tts, the correct model is either inside of ATCCOM.ATC_NAME BEECH.0.tts OR 1. ATCCOM.ATC_NAME_BEECHCRAFT.0.tts (matter of taste)

The correct lines to be defined in aircraft.cfg will be:

atc_type=“TT:TCCOM.ATC_NAME BEECH.0.text”
atc_model=“TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL BE18.0.text”

This would lead to atc calling the aircraft “Beech 18_” and “Beech N123MS” if no callsign was added.


atc_model=“TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL BE18.0.text”

This would lead to atc calling the aircraft “Beechcraft 18” and “Beechcraft N123MS” if no callsign was added.

NOTICE that .tts must be changed to .text and TT: has to be added in front of the actual called database entry!

If Carenado wants to use a atc_type/model which does not conform the database entry the text can directly be parsed which is however not recommended by Asobo using $$: instead of TT:

atc_type=“TT:ATCCOM.AC_MODEL BE18.0.text”

This would lead to atc calling the aircraft “Twinbeech 18” and “Twinbeech N123MS” if no callsign was added (most convenient imho).

I noticed this also when using Little Nav Map to track my flights, the aircraft type and model is blank in the log entries in LNM when flying this aircraft.

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It’s actually an issue most devs make because compared to the other FS based sims atc over here works different :wink:

In FSX and others the call was just made using atc_type=“Beech” and atc_model=“BE18”, so I guess most think it still works this way but it actually doesn’t :wink:

Yeah, I noticed also with the Big Radials Goose, in LNM logs it says Grumman for model but type is empty. I always have to edit my logs in LNM after flying to add the type.

In general the system is a bit inconvenient as these databases both basically are not needed. Text for atc can even in offline mode be parsed by writing “$$:Model name or type” in aircraft.cfg.

Asobo could remove the atc type/model entries and just add the “$$:” to the string → this way one would only need to write the model text into aircraft.cfg which then would be spoken by text to speech :wink:

ATC now calls the Model 18 “Beechcraft”.