Been pretty quiet so far but it needs to be said

I don’t understand the “this sim is for xbox only posts”. It was PC users crying out for better performance. There were tons of posts about it here and everyone on PC was excited for a “performance patch”. Now it’s been delivered and some people are not happy with it - it’s xbox fault lol


I’m not sure why you are getting this. I have an xbox controller too and had issues with the bluetooth connection creating the xinput profile. That’s a bluetooth driver/compatability issue (not MSFS) and is solved by using the xbox connection dongle. The controller is oncorrectly recognised through bluetooth.

Beyond that, none of my controls have been messed up and work exactly the way they worked before the update. That includes keyboard, mouse, alpha yoke, bravo throttle and xbox controller.

“This whole “downgrade for xbox” narrative is just plain wrong”

Why, do you have anything to prove that quality wasn’t sacrificed for FPS to wider support lower capacity hardware?

Also you haven’t really read my comment:

“Rather than just allowing this to be different for PC and Xbox.”

I just don’t follow the logic not branching this for two different hardware platforms - especially as this is a configuration issue.

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How about just playing the game? Yesterday I flew over Paris and it was as beautiful as always.
It’s the other way around, YOU need to proof that the game was downgraded…


I’m keen to see what the 3rd party High-Fidelity plane devs have to say about all this…do they see their future revenue disappearing? They surely can’t sit comfortably with what’s going on here.

“YOU need to proof that the game was downgraded…”


See the post
[Disappointed in Sim Update 5]
(Disappointed in Sim Update 5)

Or the many other complains on this board?

yes sure, such hard proof statements such as “cloud quality decreased even at ultra”, I’ve seen these “clouds have been downgraded” threads since Alpha.


PMDG didn’t sound too happy. Of course publicly they can’t divulge. But I bet internally there was some cursing. And this is so much worse than just starting from scratch. Basically they have this complex machine developed and now they have no clue where the bugs will pop up, unless they re-test every scenario. That’s money lost, development time on other projects lost, perhaps even customers lost.

I have the DC-6 flying with still some problems. The FBW Airbus just crashes the sim. Luckily I don’t have any other payware.


I’m just so glad I don’t have any payware ( not even the Game Pass sub anymore as of today).
I was just about to pull the trigger on a Honeycomb Alpha/Bravo combo before this “thing” came out of the swamps… disaster avoided. -.-


Well I’m not sure either. Bad coding perhaps. Uninformed decisions? Also they completely changed the default profiles with this horrid new scheme. Also CTDs during flight. Everything looking slightly over exposed and LODs all broken.

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I’m as angry as anyone here…but X-Plane runs on a phone. Point is, this is a lousy rollout…and it downgraded the sim. They went from the best sim, hands down, to the best sim below 15,000 feet that crashes a lot. There’s a collective eye-roll going on…a collective sigh. No longer can you count on starting the sim at the end of a long day and going for a relaxing flight. It’s not something you can count on.


Not sure what in your comment was worth flagging to someone, I do entirely agree with you regardless.

While I’m not nearly as impacted as others, regarding crashes and problems, right now I dearly miss update 4…I’d take lower fps and longer loading times anyday, over what was introduced with SU5. Something just doesn’t feel right with this update. If I could, I’d revert in a heartbeat.


Agree as well, then they say they don’t suppress opinions here.

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Exactly. When has this concept ever worked while maintaining high standards?

Just look at higher education. In order to “make it work for everyone”, the standards of the curriculum have been degraded over the years so that it works for everyone. The end result is a dumbed down product. Gone are the days of striving for, and through self effort, achieving a goal. Rather today, it is “lets be all inclusive, even at the expense of quality”. This is, I am afraid, is what we just witnessed with this SU5.


I know it is, but many or most people will never go look at the release notes. Since the new interaction mode is turned on by default and people are essentially forced to confront it they should have been “forced” to see an explanation as well. ideally a tutorial would have popped up the first time you spawn in after the update.


Its insane!, ive been simming for 20 years and this is a joke…they are clearly trying to make it fit for Xbox users and created all kinds of issues.

ROLL this back now guys, its a mess, create a seperate game for console users for gods sake!!

back to P3D v5 for me…PMDG must be spitting teeth at this point as they are banking their future on this!


On my PC, the clicking comes from the trim adjustment (up and down) on the Icon A5…loud click with every button push. This does not happen on 3rd party addons. I only fly the A5 from the default planes.

I know. I said that… “Or maybe the testers did find these issues but they’re ignoring the feedback and still releasing because the date has been set for a while?”

I don‘t seem to get this „xplane runs on a phone“-thing…:confused:
Is it because there is a mobile version of it? I‘ve never even considered using that but at least the pc-version is in no way similar to the mobile one…