Before I lose my mind repeatedly going over everything, can anyone confirm if taxiway pathfinding works properly at uncontrolled airports?

My mod is an uncontrolled airport with a single runway. The runway is rwy 8 & 26. I have a “runway” type taxiway going down the middle of the runway that connects to a hold short on either end and the middle via a regular taxiway, and then those connect to the parking via regular taxiways. It’s a very basic small airport. Everything seems to be connected up and looking right, but no matter if I request rwy 8 or 26 in the ATC menu (uncontrolled airport), the taxi ribbon always takes me to rwy 8. It’s the same case with the AI. It will taxi to runway 8 even though I specifically requested 26. Is this a game bug that I should just ignore? For the runway taxiway, I have tried splitting it down the middle and setting one side to 26 and one side to 8 with the same results. It also doesn’t matter if the entire runway taxiway is set to 8 or 26, it will always take me to rwy 8.

Just a thought but is Runway 8 set to your primary runway? Are the winds calm? If winds are calm I think the sim is going to send you to whatever you have your primary runway set for. Try setting the winds for Runway 26 and see what happens? This is just a guess. I don’t know if it will be a solution for you or not.

Not working so well at Beirut.