Begging For Autopilot Bravo Quad Help!

OK, my pride is out the window…I am now begging for help programming my new Bravo Quadrant autopilot…No matter what I do, or no matter how many YouTube videos I stare at, I cannot get it functioning properly…Either the bindings do exactly the opposite of what I intended, the Increase and Decrease knob adjusts two setting at once, etc, etc, and so on…Is there any source of step by step, idiot and senior citizen proof instructions out there on how to go from zero to programmed? And yes, I have searched till my fingers are numb…Help will be appreciated!

What’s the issue exactly. Is it combining the rotating knob with a AP setting like altitude?

I know you said you’ve looked at videos but this one nailed it for me

Also recommend the video above. Another thing to note since you say some of your controls are moving more than one thing: You can search bindings by click “Search by input” while on the Bravo Throttle Quadrant and then move one of the levers. That will show you if you have more than one thing bound to it. If you do encounter a double binding, choose the binding you do not want, click it, and click clear current input and save. As for the direction being reversed, for whatever reason in MSFS I have to have each lever set up so that in the controller settings it LOOKS like it’s going backwards. That makes it go the right way in sim.

The Bravo autopilot is configured by default. You should not need to do anything. Take a look at the default profile to see the AP bindings.

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You need to uninstall the Honeycomb and then re-install…by default you should not have to set up much

I’m going to watch the video as soon as I get home tonight…Thanks for the information…I will report back soon!

when i set up my bravo early this year, at least one of its stock autopilot buttons was indeed double bound by default and not functioning properly - not sure if they have fixed that