Behringer X-Touch mini works flawless

Since I could not find anything about it, I wanted to mention that the Behringer X-Touch mini MIDI Controller works flawless in FS2020. I used following guide: - Utilities - X-Plane.Org Forum

The X-Touch mini is a free programmable digital MIDI Controller designed for musicians. It offers 8 rotary knobs with pushbuttons and lots of buttons in 2 layers. As always, people find ways to use it in other ways. A lot of people use it for manipulating photos in lightroom. Fortunately somebody found a way to get it to work in X-plane. The same guide works perfectly for the new flight sim. So for less than 50 € you are able to get a perfect peripheral for turning knobs and pushing buttons. I use it to manipulate the autopilot.


You have buttons labeled with things that currently don’t have key bindings. VNV Course CTR. Are these functional for you?

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I’ve never come across that device, but am now super interested. It’s a quarter of the price of the Streamdeck XL, with less buttons admittedly, but with rotary dials as well.

I wonder if SPAD can see it?


Thats actually still from P3D. Since there is no 737 yet, I will change them soon. I will be printing some overlay plates for it

It actually has quiet a few buttons, since there are two Layers you can bind the buttons to. So 32 buttons and 16 rotary pushbuttons in total. Right now a turn of a knob is recognised as a key input for each direction. The guy who wrote the code mentioned it would be possible to even regocnize different rotation speeds as different outputs, but that does not work for me. So you could actually have faster rotation to select like 1000 feet increments and a slower rotation for 100 feet increments. But since the FS doesn’t even offer different increments yet, its not a big deal unfortunately. Also I would love to use the fader as gear handle, but there is no gear axis assignable at the moment. Maybe you could make it to act as two buttons, but I will have to figure it out yet.

Unfortunately I do not use so I can’t be helpful in this regard. But yeah, it is a really nice device!

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I’m currently waiting for my mini to arrive. in the mean time i’m playing with the program Axis and Ohs that has direct midi support. If i’m reading correctly you wont even need the vjoy and instead of fooling with keybinds in the sim you do it all from the actual commands. I was hoping this would get around the buttons that have no keybinds, but it looks like the buttons without keybinds also don’t do anything when you perform an action. For example. When you press “Direct To” button the command given is G1000_PFD_DIRECTTO_BUTTON. While it works on the dash its not in the sdk, which is probably why its not in the key bindings.

Its just not done yet.

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I heard of that but right now it works pretty fine the way the guide provides. I really hope we will get all the missing bindings soon. You cannot even set an increment for the AP selectors which is kind of annoying. So you end up dialing only 1000ft increments and can not select an altitude in between. There is a lot to be done, hopefully!

But you can use two knobs, one for fine and one for course adjustment. At least that’s what i expected. edit OY! there’s only a single binding. well that’s a bummer.
HDG - knob 1
ALT Course - knob 2
ALT Fine - Knob 3
COM1(a) COM2 (b) Course - Knob 4
etc etc

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Yeah, I expected that very much :smiley: But not for now actually. You are unable to fine adjust even with the mouse dialing in the sim cockpit. They really need to fix that. You literally have to VS to an uneven altitude cause you are unable to preselect it

That sounds like the Honeycomb yoke problem, where the HDG bug steps in 10 degree increments. Removed the starter bindings, and it supposedly fixes that.

I tried that, got rid of the starter binding. Unfortunately does not fix the increment issues for me. Not only the HDG, but also the ALT preselectors work in 1000ft increments for me only

I had read it was the starter, but it could be the other switches as well, something along the lines of any button higher than 32 causes the issue.

Just be clear though, if you can rotate your HDG bug in 1 degree increments, you do not have that particular bug in effect. Check that first, and only try removing all Honeycomb button bindings if you find your HDG bug jumps in 10 degree increments.

If not, something else is in play.

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Thanks very much for your help! I can only tune the HDG in 10 degree increments as well. But actually I do not want to mess around with any bindings and error searching, they just need to fix these issues asap. I would like to use my not so cheap equipment as it was supposed to, so let’s hope they get things done

Right, so if you have that bug, then it is definitely the bindings on the yoke. I beat you a groat that if you remove all the button/switch bindings on the yoke, this x10 HDG/ALT bug will disappear.

You can put them back after, of course, if you can live with it, but I’m certain from what I’ve read, that the binding are the cause.

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This looks like just what I was wanting to control the AP and as I found one on Ebay for $50.00 USD it is MUCH cheaper than a Saitek Mini Panel. Setup doesn’t look too complicated. I am looking forward to getting mine.

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Just deleted any permanent switch bindings and I got 1° heading and 100ft increments on the altitude, thanks a lot! Works fine now

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That’s great news, and confirms what I’ve read elsewhere. I’ll leave it to you but it would be interesting to find out whether it is a single button bound, or a range, or button 32 etc.

I would absolutely make sure this is logged on Zendesk as a bug. It would also be interesting to know whether those switches could be used with an external tool like SPAD.neXt, and not create the x10 bug.

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I am glad to see people enjoying that device! It actually even has like a typical autopilot layout :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: just as someone wanted it to be used this way…

At the moment it is a little tweaky to use the rotarys, they are a little slow. So if you turn too fast, it does not regocnise some inputs. Takes a while to select the altitude when ATC clears you from FL170 to FL330. But I guess one might be able to change some settings to get higher refresh rate on that rotarys or whatever is the issue there

After reading up on Axis and Ohs I am really interested IF this will work with that instead of using xJoy and the batch file.

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I will give it a try later. Maybe that even helps with the slow rotary regocnition