Bell 407 constant left bank in forward straight flight

I can fly the Bell and Guimbal fine but whereas the Guimbal will fly level when in forward flight, the Bell will have a considerable left bank. If I level it out it’ll turn gradually to the right. I’ve tried to null out the left back using rudder and trim but to no effect. Is this something inherent to the real helicopter or how it’s simulated, or something I’m doing wrong, please? I don’t have any problems with the Guimbal.

A small roll can be caused by traverse flow or by transitional lift as you accelerate. On the other side if you don´t correct with pedals once you have some speed you may still have some yaw even in forward flight. That can be also compensated by sideways movements of cyclic (are easier than permanent pedal pushing for long flights).

You can take a look here to understand the most relevant effects. Helicopters are a world appart.


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The 407 flight model is a mess.

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I thought it might be so I downloaded the mod and it’s much better now.