Bell 407


  • Really nice model, quite detailed
  • Sounds are good
  • Most switches in cockpit working


  • Flight model compared to the Guimbal Cabri feels more unstable. As I’m not a real world helicopter pilot I’m not the one to judge but I can imagine this to be correct. The 407 is more heavy and does not feature advance stability improving systems and for sure the body stores more energy/impulse so corrections take longer to execute and the aircraft tends to get out of control more easy. Careful adjustment are needed to keep this one in balance but I get used to it :slight_smile:


All in all a good aircraft, one of my favourites irl and pretty well done as a now default one - something I miss would be the ability to open the doors, but that’s just a minor thing. I guess it will take me some more hours to nail the landings but that’s just fine with me :wink: