Bell 407

Flies okay after disabling assists.

Major issue I’ve found is that the GNS530 will not work as a NAV source for the HSI while in GPS mode. This is annoying. I might edit the xml myself but I’d rather have it fixed. So you can tune a VOR in VLOC and the HSI CDI needle will deflect etc. But not in GPS mode.


Personally I was spinning out of control with no clue. As in life so in flight simulator.


pedals are a must for helos, thats how youre going to manage that. see this:

Practical application and understanding the rotor #2

its a DCS tutorial, but rotor dynamics are rotor dynamics


anyone know where the 14 new heliports are? I tried searching in game free flight menu under ‘heliport’ and ‘helipad’ but no soap


one found in manhattan new york :slight_smile:
very rainy for the moment…

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Did anyone here managed to fly that Bell? For me it is tangling and wobling like hell feels nothing like a real helicopter never saw a helicopter that much rocking and swaying around… I used to fly a lot with the H135 community addon which was quite okay to fly but the new Asobo models with the new physics make it feel very wrong. Another “great” imworsement :frowning:

I haven´t tried myself yet, but what you describe is quite close to one of the payware 407s in XP11, which was assumed to be quite realistic in terms of flight model. The H135 is a FBW and therefore should feel much different and “easier” to fly

I haven’t flown the new Heli’s yet but i can assure you that the H135 & H145 flight models were nowhere near realistic, personally i thought they were pretty terrible & never understood why they were praised so much, the modelling & systems definitely deserved praise however. The freeware R44 & H125 using AirlandFS were much better & had much better movement. Most helicopters move around a fair bit depending on it’s power & weight. Helicopters aren’t exactly easy & take a fair amount of practice.


tried it enigines running in manhattan heliport. flew remarkably smooth and easy (suspect some helping in assistence :slight_smile: need some investigation) did the flying with only the thrustmaster airbus joystick, twisting for rudderpedals… have to try my pro flight trainer Puma later.

They’re not stable like a fixed wing aircraft. They are extremely touchy and require small inputs. Most pilots fly with just their fingertips on the cyclic. Also you need “rudder pedals” (anti torque) to enjoy a sim helicopter.

The assistance options are defaulted to ON but if you turn them off and you have pedals it will be a better experience.


So far I haven’t had a pleasant or useful flying experience on the Bell 407. The tail rotor spins like crazy and even applying thru-axis trim the aircraft spins wildly, the controls are very sensitive.
I’ve experimented using joystick, and applied trimmer axis on the Thrustmaster Boeing Yoke just to try and keep the helicopter steady to have a useful axis similar to pedals, but it’s useless. So far it has been impossible to take off.


The Cabri G2 throttle appears to be controlled by my propeller axis binding and works like a charm, but when I switch over to the Bell I’m not getting any throttle input unless I click and drag it with the mouse.

Any suggestions? Or is it just a case of setting it to the ‘FLY’ position and not worrying about it?

Is there anything like force trim in this heli? Or do you need to keep the yoke forward for forward motion?


Attempted to save a new default head position and the sim crashed to desktop… Thats normally a ‘feature’ I only see on 3rd party aircraft, glad to see it implemented in the core sim :roll_eyes:


Terrible experience. Attempted to take off with assistance settings on and off. Either way its an unflyable gyrating, oscillating mess.


Yeah rubbish … nothing like in GTA5 :wink:


There is a rotor longitudinal trim option that can be used.


Yep, just found that. Helps a lot. Actually getting some controlled flight now!

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Small choppers are twitchy so they need reactive controls and dumbing down sensitivity settings is a recipe for disaster. Watch any RL heli pilot on YT and you’ll notice the constant flow of tiny adjustments they have to make. Small gliders much the same but obviously easier.

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I started with the Bell, oh hell. After getting seasick a tried the Guimbal. The wise choice. It will be lots of fun learning rotorcrafts.