Bell 407

I’m happy to disappoint you. I accept you are allowed your opinion but I think it is wrong to be telling other people what they can and cannot say. I also appreciate that one can feel very frustrated when one sees a wrong that is not being addressed. So feel your pain I have a similar minor issue with the Pilatus PC-6 – steam gauge that has an un-turn-onable transponder from “cold and dark” and don’t get me started on the UI.

I love the 407. In fact I have had one of my most memorable and relaxing flights in the 407 (49th Anniversary – Mendenhall Glacier Tour). Flown sedately I find it a nice and predictable rotorcraft and enjoy flying it.

I tested your error case and you do seem to be correct if you bob the front nose up/down several times the helicopter does turn to the right some of the time. Accepting that that seem unlikely to be correct behaviour (I tested the Cabir G2 and that did not exhibit the same behaviour) how often does one fly a helicopter like that?

Also in your defence I have had people tell me the 407 is c*** but of the 2 helicopters available with the basic game I like the 407 a more than the Cabri G2.

For the record:

  • I have had flown a helicopter for 20mins (no up/donwing – and definitely no taking off or landing) :worried:
  • My gold standard with how helicopter should fly is the DCS UH-1 Huey – based on what I have read not my flight exprience. I think I can make an acceptable fist of flying the Huey :thinking:
  • I can’t get the DCS Gazelle or the Apache off the ground :frowning:
  • I have no 3rd party helicopters but am hoping rectify that soon by getting the Miltech CH-47 Chinook.

It would be nice to think the coming update or FS24 will improve helicopters but I am not holding my breath.

Safe flying, sPK

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