Bell 407

I started with the Bell, oh hell. After getting seasick a tried the Guimbal. The wise choice. It will be lots of fun learning rotorcrafts.


I’m a Heli pilot and I’ve only used X-Plane however I wasn’t able to control the copter using 2D, I had to invest in a VR headset and I also use the Puma control so I get a more realistic setup. Once I went VR it was relatively easy for me at least. I haven’t tried in MSFS yet because I can’t get it to recognize the Puma controls.


Having a hard time flying either of the new helicopters. In fact, I crash within seconds every time. I am utilizing a very light touch, have pedals, and even decreased the sensitivity/reactivity and as soon as I am off the ground it’s completely out of control. The videos that are already up show people fly in a fairly stable manner.

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Once I figured out how to turn off the assists, the Bell 407 flew about like the X-Plane 407 with SAS enabled.

I didn’t like being told it wasn’t VR controller compatible, but that’s par for the course, I read.

Another thing was that the rotor brake doesn’t work. It won’t pull down. (I learnt today how to stop the sim from ending the flight when the engine shuts down.)

It’s also frustrating not having a hardware throttle option in this helicopter.

Overall, I give it a 6/10. It won’t pull me away from X-Plane helicopters, but it’ll be a fun diversion now and again once I get past the quirks.


What do you mean by this? I have it mapped to my hardware using software like SPAD.Next … There is even an lvar for the collective.

I don’t have any third-party software for hardware. Nor do I feel I should need any.


What do you mean then by not having a hardware throttle option?

I like the helicopter flight model, feel really nice, good job Asobo


The Bell 407 does not rudder correctly. On the Xbox controller, giving input on the left trigger does not rudder correctly. Instead Left Rudder goes to the right. I don’t understand this helicopter. How does putting input to rudder left making the heli turn right. It doesn’t make any sense.


My throttle lever in the helicopter operates the collective. I already have a collective axis set.

I was unable to find the means to operate the helicopter’s throttle with a lever on my controllers.


Struggled with my X52 throttle because I had it setup as normal (reversed) for aircraft and reversed for helicopter collective (i.e. to mimic lifting/pulling the collective) - so it was stuck (perhaps at the mid point) until I set both control options to the same i.e. with both axis reversed or normal I could either push the x52 throttle to increase aircraft throttle/helicopter collective or pull the x52 throttle.

As it’ll effect my muscle memory, it looks like I’ll need to reverse the MSFS throttle settings when switching between aircraft and helicopter

As far as I can tell it’s the same on the Cabri G2

After disabling all assits, I think both helos fly like helos should. Still a little too stable compared to the competition. Had a view nice flights. I hope they get some further tweaking of the fm, making them more fluid.


The other helicopter is perfectly fine. Lol.

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I agree. Like I said, the 407 flies like it has a SAS system. There’s nothing “wrong” with having a SAS system. It’s a toggle option in my X-Plane 407.

If I can figure out a hardware throttle option for the bird, it’ll become an MSFS favourite. :smiley:


I found the “Helicopter throttle axis” but it’s not responding in-sim.


well if you don’t put enough left pedal it will still turn right… theoretically

what is the competition? i dont think the 407 is that stable at all yet i can fly 135, h125 and r44 no issue infact i think 407 feels to tetchy my opinion of course

I can only give so much pedal with a controller lol. If the trigger is pressed all the way down then it’s giving max input. So, even with max input Left rudder goes right :skull:.

You don’t use the Throttle Axis in a helicopter, you use the collective

can you reverse axis in the controller setup but kinda sounds something is screwy on pc its fine