Bell 47g Update?


I’ve just purchased the Bell 47g Helicopter from marketplace yesterday and loving every minute of it! I’ve just seen though there was an update yesterday on Flyinsides main site that adds floats and water effects, but there’s no update in marketplace yet. So was just wondering if the update is coming to marketplace version soon?

Edit: Just seen on another site that it often takes a while to get updated on MP. Anyone know roughly how long after the main site updates, Mp usually gets it?

Well, Flyinside and their announcements aren´t really worth a ■■■■, if you pardon my censored french here. Check the Discussions-page on their Steam product page (FlyInside Simulator) and judge for yourself. regarding their heli: a contract with MS/AS might have positive effects on their reliability, though…


this is from their site where i download update…
Version 1.80 - 08/01/2022

NOTICE: If you purchase the B-47 through the MSFS Marketplace, you will need to install via the Marketplace within MSFS. Do not download and install the website version of the software.

The 1.80 update is still under review by the Marketplace team, and will be available there once the review has been completed.

Oh ok cheers guys, looks like I’ll just have to be patient.

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It’s OUT! Bell 47 with floats and some updates (Dust, water spray, water handling, door animations, sound enhancements, etc) On marketplace now!



Sweet! Thanks for the heads up.

I got the update earlier and have just finished a 2 hour flight from the Sea of Galilee, down the Jordan Vally to the Dead Sea.

Loving the new dust effects!
There’s a lot more of it than I expected so was a little worried at first as I like to fly the Bell very low. I was worried the constant dust would obscure my view or cause stuttering, but it runs and looks great.

Haven’t even tried the floats yet so off to do that now : )