Benchmark tool for improved marketing/media visibility

When establishing DirectX12 it would may be a good idea to integrate a benchmarking tool with standardized flying conditions (without user input) like Cinebench or others. The most demanding Photogrammetrie on my system is a trip around munich for example :blue_heart: Advantage would be that many tech channels (e.g. Linus Tech Tips, Hardware Unboxed…you know em’) like to talk about our sim as it is so demanding but cannot show reliable and repeatable figures as they are so different in never completely similar conditions. Some already thrown it out of their benchmark cycle. Giving them a convenient tool for testing different systems in 1080/1440/4k on the MSFS engine would be a big opportionity for free advertising. The target group is often the same, gamers! You get unpaid advertising and pull many potential simmers into our sim. And this gives the tech youtubers opportunites to talk sometimes more about the sim as some of them are really interested in it…

Thank you for considering! :blue_heart:

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