Benchmarking Grounds

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Where do YOU like to benchmark?

I’m from the FSX addicted era of tweaking performance to get every iota of performance from my hardware that can possibly be gotten. With this sim still in its infancy, there will undoubtedly be more and more things that cause the sim to lose performance (planes, scenery, etc). Right now, my go-to-plane is the WT CJ4, simply because of its versatility and VNAV. That, in itself has caused some performance to degrade.

When benchmarking, I like to bring the situation to the absolutely most taxing, because I know if I can fly there with solid performance, I can fly anywhere with similar or better results. In turn, this has led me to seek places, times, weather that can achieve this goal.

I typically like to find places that have mountains, water, foliage, and buildings. I’ll generally benchmark out of SFO with the broken clouds preset at dawn or dusk, then tweak from there. But with the recent tree LOD mods, I’ve found that this area may not be the most suited to check every box to its fullest.

My goal is to get a SOLID 30 FPS with relatively consistent frametimes, leaving me looking for some GPU headroom. I lock the frames in RivaTunerStatistics to 30, and well, it’s been great.

What are your goals and gains from tweaking? Where do you benchmark?

New York City is where I go to stress test, it was the same way in FSX. Put in some gnarly weather and head for Manhattan!

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