Bengaluru India :D

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More importantly, do you have Bijan Habashi’s 4-Seasons scenery added into your sim? You are flying down in Southern India, but I see no coconut palms. If you think your experience is good now (and it is), it will be transformed into total immersion with 4-season. As I only fly around SE Asia, I simply cannot fly without it. Absolutely no performance hit for maximum visual realism in all vegetation.

Looks fantastic! Is it an Airbus or 737?

I will definitely check it out. I wasn’t aware of this add-on or else it would’ve been in the video. Oh well, probably for the next one right. Now does this add-on only covers southern India?

Edit: I really appreciate you pointing it out to me. I read the reviews and wow. I will definitely make a purchase for this.

Thank you mate. This is the FBW a320