Bermuda Triangle in the Irish Sea

I’m doing a night flight right now.
Liverpool to Belfast.
Just past the iom.
Can’t see fook all

Another tip for you manxies…
No do an active pause, whilst grabbing another beer.

Successful landing in Belfast.
Passengers disembarked.
Good flight

I’m old school I do my beer drinking in the pub … now if you’d said whiskey that’s another matter and I keep it nowhere near the fridge. :laughing:

We even have our own :sunglasses:

Notice anything different? and no I haven’t drank it already :rofl:

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Lesson learned: Always have all beer necessary for the flight at hand prior to takeoff!

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That trip across the Irish sea is a shocker with live weather on. The irish sea Bermuda triangle is a thing. In the end after 5 days is switched weather to clear skies so I could make it from Blackpool to Belfast. My tour of Britain continues. I’m keen to head down to Dublin to see what the mysterious landmark on the river is.

Oh and always have beers available within 10m …

Happy flying

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It’s a beautiful island but to be honest the weather there is often bad and probably why tourists nowadays prefer sunny Spain. Back in the seventies when I was a teen it would be heaving all and every summer but now that’s just for the two weeks of the TT races.

The Isle of Man on a good day.

PS does anyone know what’s going on in the bottom corners at the start of the vid? it’s in the original Afterburner recording too but I can’t say I noticed it it the sim itself.

Setting that up must have been expensive for the local government!

And believe me the IOM is it’s epicentre :grin:

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Hmm. I tried to fly up the river Dublin and right about as I was passing Dublin castle I crashed into an invisible barrier. I thought it was a glitch but it happened when I tried again. This is truly more evidence of extraterrestrial interference. I am intrigued. Do tell me what you know ?

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I don’t really know much more than several users (including myself) have also crashed into the invisible barrier of Dublin and that is has been this way since SU5 maybe.
(I definitely did low level sightseeing of Dublin without issue in Spring of 2020)

It seems the Irish Sea Triangle extends some a little way inland at least. :wink:


It does extend and the so called Ireland update did nothing but make it worse. Have done several flights out of Weston (EIWT) to Newcastle, Leeds/Bradford, Dundee and IOM, all without major glitches and all with Live Weather on. However having a beer on tap for emergencies will have to be part of the weight and balance calculation going forward😊


SU5 is actually responsible for many if not all of these invisible walls and from what I can see it’s caused by an optimisation to make sim objects / POI’s more Xbox memory friendly (this I can’t understand because even with a tiny GT1030 there was never a problem). I’ve noticed significant downgrading particularly at the Normandy Etretat cliffs, reduced textures, missing buildings (e.g. the church) and worst of all the newly created invisible walls mean it is no longer possible to fly though the cliff’s arches or even buzz the golf course in the Pitt as I love to do. The cathedral in Strasbourg is another building I can no longer get close to.

Now I do know there are more major bugs to worry about but it can be annoying all the same and I think there should at least be a Zendesk thread specifically collecting locations for a future bugfix.

So it is a real phenomena.
It wasn’t just me left scratching my head!
Wondering what happened

Lots of lightning ! At the start of this video, you flew another direction. You turn and it disappears. Maybe the white stain is “lens flare” (buggy lens flare) from the lightning coming from the left ? I would try switch off lens flare, switch off bloom and switch off light shafts… set up the same bad weather, see what happens. These 3 special effects are not appropriate anyway, in weather like this.

It’s an idea … I’m not sure I want to repeat the experience though :laughing:

Yeah put the a 103 in bad weather… it goes anywhere, like a butterfly. Do you have Zenith ch 701 ? really fun to land that in a storm.

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I was thinking about it but then I have other things higher up my list … but I will elevate it a place or two on your recommendation.

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