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Hi all, have one question for the community. A few days ago a new update was released, it says it’s 22 gigs but the update button says 36 gigs. It happened earlier for me when updating mandatory updates it installs every addon that is in the content manager, even it was not installed earlier. Is there a way to choose what will be updated and installed with the mandatory update?

Thanks, Ivan.

Anyone? Nothing?

The word “mandatory” says that it’s mandatory.
You can uninstall optional packages in the content manager, then they won’t be installed/updated later on without your intervention.

Yes, thanks, I understand what mandatory means. My question was can I choose what updates will be installed besides mandatory updates. So what I understand is I just let it download and install all the packages (besides mandatory) even if I don’t want them to be installed and then delete it. What a stupid concept!

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Could you get more precise? Which packages were installed for you that are optional and you didn’t want/need?

It’s hard to talk about specific issues with just generic information. Maybe there is a misunderstanding of what is mandatory and what isn’t.

World Update packages are optional. If you didn’t install them via Marketplace, they won’t be downloaded and thus won’t be updated.

Some liveries for various stock aircraft were unfortunately rolled out as forced install with some of the sim updates (latest are the xbox liveries), which I think is very unfortunate.
In that case the community managers said, one should uninstall them if one doesn’t want to have them. Which is not the way optional content should be treated.

But apart from liveries I don’t know from any optional packages that I got installed without explicitly downloading them from Marketplace.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. When you fresh install MSFS you have only a few airplanes and if you want additional planes you install them through the marketplace.
You don’t have any missions or other stuff that you get from the marketplace. I use MSFS only to fly A320 and am not interested in other planes so I don’t install them. But after every mandatory update, I have all aircraft, missions, addons… which can be found on the marketplace, installed. I don’t want them and I don’t need them. Please tell me how big your update was in total? For me it was 36gigs and that bothers me.

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