Best C172 mod

Hi all. I’ve been flying the SavageCub and XCub mainly. Since I’m now preparing for my ppl flight exam I thought I’d start flying the c172 so that I can do some pattern practise…etc.

I tried a flight or two but didn’t find it handled much like the real thing. Is there a good mod that you’d recommend that brings the plane closer to the real thing? Preferably for the non-g1000 version.

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The 172 classic can’t be modded. The files are locked. It is reasonably accurate though, I have around 100 hours in one. The speeds are pretty well simulated, but it doesn’t make takeoff power…

Thanks for the response. Too bad it can’t be tweaked, I agree it’s pretty good but it still doesn’t feel right. I wish there was an older version with an E2D carbureted engine.

I think most stock default airplanes in sim are a bit wonky. The modders have made a huge impact on some of the flight models to make them more realistic. I think we are stuck waiting for 3rd party aircraft. Have you tried the C152 mod? I have heard it is very true to real life flying in the 152. That could be all you need to prepare for your exam. In reality (I have a license) the 172 should be good enough to drill your emergency procedures, navigation, etc.

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