Best Downloaded place?

Hi there,
Where is the best place to download the simulation? Steam? Microsoft Store? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I can only speak for myself, but I’ve never had any issues with downloading from Steam. Living in Norway.

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Hi , thanks for the reply and info…

Makes no difference where you get it, as it’s the same game regardless. If you have Steam and use it as your main games library, it just makes sense to get it there and keep all your games in 1 place. Otherwise, it’s really up to you and what you prefer to use.

Hi thanks for the reply… The main reason why I’m asking is because , I have heard that it’s has trouble downloading sometimes.

When you first launch the game, the in-game downloader will retrieve all the required packages. That’s where most people are having trouble. It makes no difference where you purchase the game from in that regard.

Wherever you buy the game from, you download and install a small client. Once you fire that up, it downloads and installs the game from within that client. That’s where people have the issue. Whether you got it via Steam or MS Store is irrelevant. The actual installer is the same.

Hi there,
Thanks , I decided to go with steam and brought the simulator …The problem that I have been having is signing into the xbox the screen is so tiny that I could hardly see the letters…I couldn’t sign in because of it’s there a way to make the letters larger?

Press Start+G or search the start menu for the Xbox Game Bar. On the top strip menu, the last icon is Settings. Click that, then Accounts on the left side of the settings menu. You can sign in from there.