Best flight I've had in MSFS in Quite Some Time

I just had my best flight in MSFS in a long time! I flew from KCVG to KDFW in the A320NX (most recent Developer Release) and everything worked flawlessly! I had live weather and live traffic. Weather-wise, I knew what I was supposed to expect because I use Aeroweather, an aviation weather app created by MeteoSwiss. I wasn’t disappointed. My initial plan called for FL340, but the thunderstorms were that high, so I requested FL380 and climbed above the storms. The gusty winds went away, but were replaced by a 130 kts angled headwind. Essentially, during the leg between Evansville, IN and Little Rock, AR, I was tracking a heading of 230* while flying a heading of 225*, maintaining 470 kts TAS, but only making 344 kts GS: all because I was facing a wind from 213* at 130 kts. My SimBrief OFP confirmed these winds, so it was no fluke. Gee, what happened to the days of the winds being from 225* at 3 kts? Oh, and although my Navigraph/SimBrief flight plan downloaded straight in, when I added my Approach (ILS18L) into KDFW, MSFS changed my plan - but I was able to correct it with no problems. The AP followed the plan perfectly. All in all, a fun night for a change! One more thing I noticed tonight, most of the live traffic I encountered was from cargo carriers; with the exception of a flight from British Airways that passed directly above me at FL390 (callsign - Speedbird is BAW, right?).