Best Flying Irons plane

I am ready to buy a WWII warbird and cannot decide which one to get. I know the the hellcat is the newest, but is it the best?

Honestly, they are all equally brilliant. Comes down to personal taste. Which one do you like the looks of the most or has the most historical meaning or some kind of romance / attachment for whatever reason?

Personally mine is the Spitfire. I’m British haha. But I do think it looks the most elegant and it flies exactly that way too.

They are all epic though in their own way. Each has a distinct character and they are all top quality in every way. Probably you need them all, eventually, so which first? :slight_smile:


Yup, the Spitfire has the edge. Still a great aircraft and still being updated. Followed closely by the Milvis Corsair.

I have all below:

  • FI Spit: Just has everything. Flight model, realism, complex systems, bugs squashed and it’s a Spitfire.
  • MV Corsair: Great challenge to fly and great flight model. And beautiful shaped aircraft.
  • Hellcat: Great but has a few issues. Will be comparable after some time I guess but for me it’s not as satisfying as the Spit.
  • P38: Awesome but not as challenging as above.

The Hellcat is nice. I have the flying iron Hellcat ,P38 and Spitfire. I also have the Milvis Corsair.
The Hellcat is gonna be amazing as soon as some minor things are fixed. It’s sounds are by far the best of them all. But out of all these awesome planes, my favorite is the P-38. 2 engines, big cockpit with yoke, long range with external tanks. It’s fast at altitude, and to fast in a dive! You really can’t go wrong with any of these. Stay away From the airplane heaven P-51 no support.


I suggest to have a look at the Big Radials P40B

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Thank you for the feedback. I am leaning towards the Spitfire. I was hoping there was a great P-51, but it sounds like both of them are disappointing compared with the other ones.

I have the Spitfire and the P-38. As with all taildraggers in the game the Spitfire is a real handful during takeoff and landing, the Lightning is much easier to handle. Overall I think I like the sights and sounds of the Lightning more but it’s really down to personal preference. Just watch some videos and decide which appeals to you.

I only have the Spit and Hellcat, since I don’t buy aircraft with yokes (yoke aircraft, so to say).

Spit is more mature product in the air, but it also doesn’t have the Hellcat’s custom tailwheel ground handling code yet, so it has the usual MSFS taildragger limitation of feeling like it has some kind of steerable rear wheel. Conversely while Hellcat more difficult to taxi it’s easier on the takeoff roll.

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I have all the FI planes. Right now, the clear winner for me is still the P-38L. It’s big, fast, more maneuverable than you might imagine, and a delight to fly. It’s also got a tremendous range and great visibility, making it an unlikely wonder for cross-county sightseeing tours.


I don’t have the Spitfire. The P-38 and Hellcat are both incredible planes. Hellcat has a few little bugs or adjustments that need to be made as it just released, and the P-38 has received some stellar updates already. I love the radial in the Hellcat as well as the ground handling and the catapult/arresting gear that functions. The P-38 is gorgeous, of course, with great sounds and handling and systems. It’s hard to pick one! Maybe the P-38 since it can cruise really high, really fast, for a really long time.


I bought the P40B yesterday, it takes a little work to manage so it’s good fun!

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T he Big Radials P40B is a challenge to take off and land, as was the real P-40. If you like a challenge, it is a great choice. Also great looking.

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The P-38’s bubble canopy gives you excellent visibility-- so long as you don’t need to look down. The wings and booms really get in the way.

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Spitfires good but needs updates, issues with flickering parts in cockpit and and engine sounds need work there’s no smooth engine progression sound from idle it jumps between different sounds, hopefully these get addressed soon. Also when diving it doesn’t seem reel compared to the milviz Corsair where you get a huge wind noise increase and engine pitch increase you really get the sense your picking up some speed just don’t feel that at all in the spitfire. Again hopefully will get better in time :crossed_fingers: