Best nVidia driver (these days)

Is there currently a recommended nVidia driver that is best for VR? Just reformatted my PC and installed the latest of everything and have had my third CTD. I’m more than happy to go back to an older driver that’s stable (if that is indeed the issue)

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Common source of CTD is overclocking, especially when the GPU is stressed to it’s limits by VR.

It’s a fact that msfs is very sensitive to overclocking. I have a rtx4070 dual. Never, never had CTD’s in all those years. I installed MSI Afterburner. Not that i need it, more curiosity. And yes CTD’s started even adjusting VERY softly the settings.

No VR, and not saying you’re wrong, but…

I’ve had only a couple of CTD’s in the last two years that couldn’t be explained by either an nVidia driver update or a Reshade filter. Other than that, smooth sailing.

I’ve always mildly overclocked my 3090 Ti with EVGA Precision X1 (108% power limit, 20% bump in VRAM speed, and 10% bump in GPU clock speed.)

I never have a problem with those settings when benchmarking or stress testing.

I’ve had maybe five random CTD’s since the WU13 update. The most recent was yesterday when, in the middle of a 3 hour cruise…BAM.

I turned off all the OC, and we’ll see what happens. Lost about 5 FPS, but that’s to be expected.

  • Driver 536.67
  • Water-cooled 3090 Ti (runs at 60°C during flight.)
  • Air-cooled 5800X3D (no OC, runs at 60°C during flight.)
  • EVGA 1000 G7 Supernova (shows around 500W load during flight, and 750W during stress tests.)

I’m considering updating to 537.xx, depending on what I read here.

Yeah I don’t overclock at all. I never had problems with CTD before and only ever read about this being a problem for other people. Seems it’s my turn now.

Have you tried clearing your Nvidia shader caches?

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latest driver awesome for 4090, it works VERY well, serious improvement vs 2 previous drivers for me

I have a 3080ti (not a 4090) but I tried 546.17 yesterday and my performance really decreased in MSFS VR. I have a Quest3 and am using Virtual Desktop (Godlike) +VDXR+OXRTK. I reloaded 537.42 which has been really good (performance and no CTDs) for a couple months and the performance returned to originally good. Obviously, I need to retest and reboot, and clear…

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Happy day’s
The DDU’d and NVCleaned 546.17 latest Driver is running smooth as silk on our FE 3090 ti.

Latest Nvidia driver is good with SU13 on a 3070.

I have a substantial overclock on this card, no issues or CTDs.

Make sure your Windows install is in as good a condition as it can be.


@WristyLawyer204 and @SimonJones7660 ,
I appreciate the feedback - but do you actually have a milliseconds performance benchmark - instead of just a smoothness feeling. I am seeing others on other forums complaining about the 546.17 driver while using Quest3 + Airlink or Virtual Desktop. One fellow returned to 545.92. Of course, maybe you aren’t using Q3+Airlink where the encoder for H.264 is crucial.

We don’t use VR so this might explain our issue free experience with these latest Drivers. As for Millisecond performance benchmarks and encoded H.264’s,…
Please forgive our ignorance regarding these more than likely crucial points.
Kind Regards.

I would suggest that a ‘milliseconds performance benchmark’ be done on your own machine, on your own setup, and that no one else’s ‘milliseconds performance benchmark’ is going to be remotely useful to you.