Best option for x3 monitor

Hello guys
I would like to replace my 3080 10Go, because it’s not enough for my setup (x3 4k TV), so i’m thinking to replace it by 4080 16Go, maybe i’m wrong about this idea… maybe i have to add some money and take 4090…
I will replace my CPU too - I have 5600x but I will replace it by the good 5800x3d.
If someone can tell me what are performances with 4080 and multimonitor enabled.

A Triple monitor configuration with 3x 4K TV’s is to much for every CPU and GPU combination.
That are almost 25 million pixels to adress.
You have to go very low in game settings to get at least 30 fps with such a configuration.
Lowering the resolution of the 3 monitors to HD will give you a better performance and a higher fps.


Thanks for the answer
If i can block 30fps all time i will be happy

For now I run the sim with high graphic preset with DLSS Quality main screen (75 inch) 3840x2160 and sides TV (55 inch) are set on 2560x1440p. I get around 24-28fps and drop sometimes around 10-15fps… (London for example)
DLSS helps a lot


And what is your GPU ?

Today my config is:
Cpu 5600x / GPU GIGABYTE 3080 10Go / 32gb ram
With this setup x3 TV + monitors i run the sim between 12-14 (London) and 30-35fps…

Next week upgrade:
Cpu 5800x3d / GPU MSI 4080 16Go / 32gb ram

Hi Tarik,

have to say that your cockpit looks really good! Had a tripple monitor Setup before, but changed to an 49inch Ultra Wide (non 4k) instead and i am really happy about that now. So i run 4 Monitors with one GPU on my setup.

Since i upgraded to a 13700KF i can fly all on ULTRA preset and with DLSS-DLAA Mode it is super sharp, too.

I think if i would run 4K monitors i would buy the 4090, also because of more VRAM over the 4080…the price difference is worth it i think (i have a 3080Ti, actually no need to upgrade on my setup).

Keep in mind if you fly the FBW Airbus, at least install the development version to get rid of the stutters (they put the fix in the development and the experimental version), have a look here:
FBW Microstutters


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Thanks for you feedback, i don’t know about stutter issue on stable version, I appreciate your link, I will install the dev version. Thanks !!

Just to inform people that my upgrade was installed since few weeks now. I can tell that’s a huge gap in performance betwen combo 5600x + 3080 10Go AND 5800x3d + 4080 16Go.

Before my minimal FPS can be around 10-15fps, now I’m easily between 25-30 fps and more with Frame Generation ON and DLSS : AUTO. My graphics are between HIGH and ULTRA. No regret !

My x3 TV resolution : 1440p + 2160p + 1440p

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You could also try to use DLSS:DLAA Mode, i always used to have DLSS with Quality Mode before, but now DLAA is my favourite. Looks even more sharp and in general pretty good.

Check out this thread: