Best Performing Driver For VR Is 496.76

After trying both december drivers, im sticking with the November 496.76 driver.

For VR im getting the best frame rates in my Vive Pro 2 i have ever seen in my year of VR in FS2020.
Over the past year, as some of us may know, that “Nvidia ruined VR for christmas” because the ampere architecture was too new.

But now… Well i gotta say last night I enjoyed some of my most fluid flights yet!

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i don’t know, man. The latest ones seem to work just as fine as the november one. I haven’t measured the precise fps though.


Im telling ya these feel fantastic.

Have you felt any microstutters?
im on a 3070 9900k no overclocks

The 497.09 is definitely the best one for my RTX 3080 and G2 since the legendary 457.30.

Gained at least 5 FPS compared to the previous one


I would take 5FPS more in MS2020 All day.

Ya, 497.09 was a good driver with my i9 9900k/rtx3090, as was 496.76. Yesterday I updated from 497.09 to 497.29 and so far it’s just as good, maybe even a little smoother. Really not a lot in it between these 3 drivers imho. The main thing I’ve found is that it’s very important to use DDU to properly uninstall the previous driver prior to installing the new one. If I just overwrite the previous one I always seem to get stutters/spikes. If I then use DDU to uninstall it and install it again, all’s good. Works for me.

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The most important thing is to limit framerate to 30 and enable HAGS + Motion reprojection in VR.
The Problem is that HAGS seems to be responsible for black screen on the Reverb G2.

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For me the 497.09 works best with my Valve Index.
Tried 497.29, but it cost me 4 fps. Rolled back to 497.09 and now I am happy again.

No way, 30 is really juddery for me. I lock to 40 to 44, depends on situation.

I prefer to turn some settings down than fly with 30 FPS (no repro)

Just tried 497.09 for the first time and was impressed in terms of performance improvements vs. 496.84. I got +2 FPS in 1% and 0.1% and roughly +3…4 in Avg, but what’s even better - frametimes improved far more than that.

Did anyone notice any image quality degradation with that driver?

The better drivers are the ones that work best on your own system with your own HMD, take other people’s stance of “best drivers ever!” with a grain of salt!

If you have time do a quick benchmark yourself between driver versions then do that, then you can be sure what you install will work best for you.


Im sorry what is DDU?


“Im sorry what is DDU?”

Display Driver Uninstaller (Freeware)


after streaming, the quality is very smooth but still a bit stuttery for me. When streaming with OBS and openVR plugin, im not able to iron out the stuttering compared to the original driver stated in the first post. In the headset everything looks fantastic, and some parts in stream are fine, but i notice more micro-stutters vs 496.76.

Hello ,I see you have a htc pro. Had one for three weeks, struggling to get it connected. At the start I had a displayed image, but the quality was awfull, so… I started looking around, and now I do not have any msfs image. I tried to run one of the free games and that was ok. What do i miss to get msfs to display to my headset??

Firstly, do you ha e both viveport and steamVr installed?

Yes, I do!

It sounds like a bad cable do you have another to try? Get in contact with them their support has been good to me thank goodness

I did download dcs and it worked, so I believe the connection to be good. I found the vive support and sent them a long description of my problem. Maybe this could be a way for a solution. Thank you again

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Im back with another update with the latest driver from nvidia and the stuttering issues have gone away some in OBS.