Best place to buy kodiak?

Any suggestions on the best online location to buy the new Kodiak? there are a lot of options so thought it’d be best to get input

for example, on simmarket it’s advertised for 35 euro, while on simworksstudios it’s only 30 euro…

Depends on your location and if you have other planes from certain vendors. Some people like all of their aircraft in one place and others just want a good price.

it’s really strange that the same plane can be as much as $7 different just depending on what website. I could see maybe a dollar difference here and there but that’s quite big percentage.

It may be how much of a percentage a vendor wants a cut of based on their location, currency or operating costs.

I got mine from the Justflight website, was the cheapest I could see in the UK. Also adds a few loyalty points to my collection so I can get money off any other purchases from them :slight_smile:


Same for me - its also a superb aircraft, I am very happy with it.

Tax and VAT laws make a difference in the price in some countries.

I say buy direct from the dev SWS that way they get all the money rather than some middle man collecting their wedge on top. This is why it’s cheaper at SWS. All the others have added a mark up.


Plus it removes any potential lag when updates are released, and them becoming available via third party distributors.

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SWS is the exception here thought. Many other devs are not necessarily cheaper than JustFlight or Simmarket. I even remember buying one product from and it was cheaper there, than directly from Aerosoft

Yes but this thread is about purchasing the Kodiak. I’m not suggesting that’s always the case. You have to do your homework :slight_smile:

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Quick check: Simmarket sells Kodiak at 43+ Euros. Justflight at 38.5. Orbx and Flightsim at 35. Simworks (the devs themselves) at 30. It’s a no brainer for me.

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It always seems to come down to being a choice between the convenience of getting all your content from as fewer places as possible, and cost.

I like the automated nature of the Marketplace, but only use it for scenery for a number of reasons. I don’t really mind getting an email from a half dozen companies that they have an updated product, as that is better than waiting weeks or months for the sim to indicate that some of my content has an update.

The best is to buy from the dev site if any. You are sure all money goes to the creator.


Just by directly from the website of simworksstudios. You can easily pay with paypal and you after you can download the plane. Buying from the developer is the best way to get the latest updates.