Best routes to fly as a passenger?

To all of you who enjoy sitting in the window seat while letting the AI to take over the yoke - what are your favorite routes to fly? I am interested in any routes with any length.
Last but not least - how good is AI at landing at the specific destination airport (it can be any stock SIm including D and PD versions, freeware or a payware airport). Since I know that there are some scenic routes but they are unreachable for AI like the Alpine region or any mountainous region.

I never let the AI fly the plane…only the Autopilot :wink:
But to answer your question, i love flying in pasenger view ( when the Autopilot is On), pretty much ANYWHERE. Our planet is so beautifull, and diverse, that each region has its own beauty. I mostly fly in Scandinavia, and Europe.
But yesterday i tried for the first time a flight in the U.S ( KSFO/KLAX) on Vatsim;
What a beautifull region Center and South California…stunning countryside, lLOVED it!! And Canada too, so far, i flew mostly between CYVR and CYYC which is breathtakingly beautifull too

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Anywhere over Rural Nebraska at sunset is just awesome if you can catch the Midwest flatlands sunset

I actually love flying sometimes over Indiana a lot because of all the farms out there

And I was just talking to someone who flew into Beaver Island Michigan in November and said they were also flying with the cargo with chickens and they said it was a fun short hop from Charlevoix

KSAN-KMIA the scenery is breathtaking!

Flying out of Innsbruck (LOWI) to anywhere is amazing.

I loved flying in Iceland. The landscape is unreal, it’s so beautiful…
In second place I’d say the Tibet region with the breathtaking mountain scapes and desert. Mongolia was also amazing with so few roads and lots of horse trails everywhere.

The most boring was Siberia. Probably because the Bing maps detail wasn’t there, but also because there’s not a lot to see there (from an airliner). I’ll go back there someday to fly at lower altitude.

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