Best Yoke / Stick Performance Thus Far

Hey Yo’s! Simple question to help me whittle down the list of potential options.

Which of the available yoke or stick setups are emerging as the best performing when used with MSFS 2020?

The use of the metric “performance” was deliberately vague in nature, and has 1,000 potential interpretations and answers. Every person will place a higher weighted value on distinct set of aspects of their sim experience, and I didn’t want to inadvertently imply any boundaries.

As far as myself, I associate stick performance with a number of characteristics which mostly relate to input translations such as:

  • The amount of dead space travel for each
    input axis before the in-sim flight controls respond, as well as the parity of each axis dead space travel compared to the others

  • The precision, stability, and accuracy of the simulator’s interpretion of the pilot control inputs based on how those inputs are translated into simulated flight control movements and aircraft flight control responses. For instance, how closely the in-sim yoke movement matches the stick input, as well as how smooth the in-sim control yoke moves along all axis

  • The stick’s input tension, parity of each axis input tension, the changes in this tension as the stick input for each axis increases towards maximum travel stops

  • Number of input customizations available on the yoke/ stick, as well as the measure of the ergonomics of those inputs

That went a little longer than I thought it would, but I started thinking about all the disappointing characteristics of my current control stick. Sadly, I am using a control stick which could be, and should be setting the industry standards for what the MSFS 2020 experience can be, but is absolutely not. The 2003-ish Microsoft Force Feedback 2, when properly configured and integrated with games and simulators, provided an experience so far beyond anything I’ve tried before or since. I just wish they would take the time to make it work.

I really like my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke. Great feel, number of buttons, switches, etc. Really glad I purchased.


Unless a user has evaluated every stick and yoke for comparison, and has a objective measurement of “best”, this seems like a pointless exercise.

How do you expect users to measure “precision, stability, accuracy”, “dead space”, “input tension”, etc?

Have you used just one? Just one controller? With just one response, I’m already better off than where I was before.

Thanks for taking the time to make sure everyone knows who the contrarian is in the room, really sets the stage for everyone.

How about next time you just move on to the next post, and maybe only reply when you have something to offer? Maybe just give that a try.