Beta - deleted files and community folder

Updated to the beta a while back, mainly because official release was unplayable due to live weather issues.

I vaguely remember a recommendation to backup the community folder after joining the beta BUT what I didn’t expect was Asobo to willy-nilly delete files of my computer 🧙‍♂️✨

Surely you could show a dialogue stating that 100gb+ of files will be deleted in order to update and give people an option to update now or wait, in order to not have miserable experience. It’s so ■■■■ frustrating that mistake after mistake keeps being made with these updates. What is the reason the community folder have to be deleted at all? Can’t remember having this type of issue with any other game relying on a big modding community and 3rd party add-ons.

I now have to manually try to restore my community folder out of memory, and potentially remake liveries… :rofl: I mean yes I will make backups in the future and I do have some backups of files but not the whole folder.

Again I think it was recommended but I didn’t even consider that Asobo would delete the whole game from my hard drive without communicating it first.

Spent the whole morning just trying to figure out if I can restore this train wreck… :face_with_head_bandage:

Then why did you think they recommended it?

It was repeated multiple times prior to and during the Beta signup that the best experience to maintain your installation without a possible full reinstall was to have the sim use Custom directory paths for the Packages folders. This includes both the full sim Official Packages and the Community Folder Packages path.

So first of I already mentioned this so not sure why you need to mention it again.

It still doesn’t take away from the fact that core game was broken, only solution was and update to beta that some how is more stable than vanilla game. And then it removes it with out informing at the time of removal. I still think a basic dialogue box warning you before it happens is a way better solution than randomly discovering that it have been deleted. Also don’t understand why the community folder needs to be deleted at all, if it doesn’t contain any required game files. Why not just leave it alone.

The core game wasn’t broken. Please review the Release Notes - the Beta was specifically targeting several items.

Feel free to submit a Wishlist item for your suggestion on the Installer.

If you inspect the Packages Folder, it contains the following: Official AND Community folders. Beta Users were notified to move the Packages folder to a custom path before joining. This move preserves both the sim core files and one’s community mods. Per feedback from the majority of users exiting the beta and receiving the production version reported success - pulling down only about a 500MB update from MS-Store/Steam and the 500kb AIRAC file upon restart. Their Mods were not touched.

Keys to success - move the Packages folder per the multiple notices before joining the Beta.

And make sure the installer points to that location (using the Browse button) after leaving the beta. I suspect some people missed that one.

Yes all done and should be good now. (Also making backups) :grin: lesson learned