Beta Opt Out

I was wanting to OPT out of the Beta and I have a custom directory for the game, I went to the insider hub and opted out, restarted my PC and it did an update. But when I head into the game it appears I still have the Beta due to having the Ini 320, any help would be great!

Hi @BritishComp. At the Welcome screen, MSFS is still showing v1.37.11.0, correct? (You may need to press ALT-ENTER to go to windowed mode to see this info in the title bar).

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It’s showing which is just the standard version, so I think I’m out of the beta just the 320 is still there lmao…

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Ok, so you are indeed out of the beta. :slightly_smiling_face:
You can always uninstall the A320neo (v2) from Content Manager if you don’t want it. Don’t be surprised if it does not work correctly now, as it may require code that is in the SU15 beta builds.
Once SU15 is released, you may have to either uninstall/reinstall or update the aircraft as I’m sure there will be changes made to it between now & the SU15 release.


When I have opted out of Betas in the past, I’ve have noted that I retained all the Content Manger updated content that was included in the Beta. Remember the sim consists of an executable that is updated via Windows or Xbox OS and then there is all the in-game content that is updated via the Content Manager.

This is pretty much “normal” unless you were to go the scortched earth method and delete your OneStore directory to force the sim to redownload all the public release Standard and, if applicable, Deluxe/Premium content, etc.

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You can sort the packages in the Official directory by date and delete all the packages with a date newer than the last official update date. Then restart the sim and the original versions of those packages are redownloaded


Ah perfect I appreciate it! That’s what I was thinking just didn’t know when I actually did it.

Makes much more sense now, thank you very mucho for your response good sir.

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