Beta Surveys need to be reset after each beta update


As we’ve seen with recent posts some people are experiencing performance loss from the latest update, the issue with the Surveys is that they are indicative of the first beta build not each individual beta patch thereafter.

Therefore I believe it would be better to harvest new survey information after each update, so as to specifically gain a better complete picture of performance after each update, otherwise the “results” are stuck in the past and could be very different.

Thank you

That’s actually a good idea. :slight_smile:
I’ll queue this one up.


You can change your vote at any time, so that will also reflect the current status.



The problem there is the results becomes a mix of different beta versions, they need to be separated on a per update basis.


We can indeed, and I have. But I’m pretty sure the majority of folks aren’t going back to update a poll they filled out 2 weeks ago.

In any case, if polls like that are to be statistically relevant, they need to be reset with EACH new build that comes out, or else the data collected is worthless and any internal decisions made based on those flawed results won’t be based on accurate data.

Thanks for the feedback! We will move forward with resetting the polls for every Beta update: Sim Update 10 Surveys - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Excellent, thank you :slightly_smiling_face: