Better baggage loading mechanism and passenger animation? cargo loading unloading perhaps?

I wish the baggage system on the airliner flights have the option in the ATC menu for loading and unloading. Also wished that the unloading the baggage animation is for all the trolleys and not just 1 like now in the sim. I wish the trolley is loaded up all 3 carts on departing airport and have unload options on the arriving airport for minor realism animation. What i wish is that i can do multi hop flights and then when called to load the next destination flights the next baggage can come and refill the aircraft again. For passengers minor realism Asobo can make a que of people on the waiting ramp and can see people boarding the ramp. This way its make the waiting time for the flights more enjoyable. And also wish there were the options for loading and unloading cargo. Got to bored with simple animation after spending a lot of time on this game. Hope this experience can improve. Thanks.

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