Better Performance FPS during evening & nighttime

My first flight after SU6 and I noticed that I was getting around ~55 FPS when I normally get ~35 FPS. This flight just happened to be at night. So I fly another flight during (in-game) daytime and it was back to around ~35 FPS same exact settings. I assumed that perhaps night time was easier to render and just forgot about it… until I loaded up a flight around sunset and the FPS was back to ~55. What is weird is sunset/evening render looks closer to daytime than nighttime :man_shrugging:

Has anyone else noticed this?

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I have not but have seen an overall increase in FPS even with higher video settings using WU6. Are you sure it’s not your location instead of time of day? NY as my benchmark I see a 10-15 FPS drop over that.

You appear to be correct @FlippinFlow . I just did some tests and perhaps I was just in a less crowded area. Cheers!

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